Polka dot baju kurung (PT 38)

Celebrities love POLKA DOTS including Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel has this unique ability to turn everything into chic. Take her Gucci polka-dot dress at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association luncheon in LA. While most wear polka-dots in a lighthearted, sometimes silly manner, Evan Rachel does it so seriously, so elegantly. The black-patent belt, Jimmy Choo platform pumps, and black-patent clutch lend some slickness.

I have more polite yet sexy polka dots too

This baju kurung is so unique. It's a 1 piece dress wore underneath a shear polka dot baju kurung.

I always wear it for formal dinner or black and white party. Pair it with vintage necklace and gladitor/t-strap heels and you off to "Hollywood Foreign Press Association luncheon"

S-M size
(contact me for measurements)

RM 50 only


iXa said...

ya Allah. Kak dai! nape jual baju ini! sangat lawa okay!

We are Pretty Tasty said...

saje nak test market hehe

febria said...

ade lagi ke baju kurung ni?
tinggi u berape ek?
sbb nampak mcm pjg jer kain die..

I am Pretty Tasty said...

to febria:
yeap still avail.
tinggi I 165 cm
dress tu panjangnyer 54 "
takpe kalo panjang blh potong.kalo pendek anggap la style. weeheehee

febria said...
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I am Pretty Tasty said...

kalo nak lg senang hantar tailor.no mess.It's not a mess after all because i used to alter it myself.sorry no nego cayunk...this baju is A MASTER PIECE.
: )

febria said...

will confirm the purchase with u in these few days..
thanx yea..

aLeng munirah said...

ade lg x baju ni?