Baju Kurung Eiduladha

This is my last year's Baju Raya. I love it because it makes me looks thinner. the material is heavy and soft.ala silk.
Just wore it twice.
RM 25 (including postage)
S-M size
Msg me for exact measurements

Baju Kurung Cekak Musang ( Baju Kurung Puteri Perak)

(This is not the exact colour)
(this is the exact colour)

I ask my tailor to make me this Baju Kurung after I went to a Museum at Perak.
This baju was inspired from Baju where Princess from Perak wear when their at the Palace ( or bersemanyam di Istana as Malaysian call it).
Except they wear with trousers and long sampin and of course they wer only the best Songket.
This is sheer material. Still glittering as a princess.

M Size
Baby Blue colour
RM 45 only (including postage)

Baju Kurung Pahang Songket

This Baju Kurung Pahang used light songket material.
Very suitable if you want to act like aPuteri this hari raya. Just add antique necklace or antique belt and wooden slippers.
M size.
RM 55 only
The price including postage
msg me for measurements.