Buy 6 items once and get this marvellous necklace for FREE!


Buy 2 items once and get this candy bracelet for FREE!

Buy 3 items once and get this two bangles for FREE!


Buy 4 items once and you will get this grunge-ethnic bracelet for FREE!

Buy 5 items once and you will get this vintage bracelet for FREE!

Avril Lavigne's Belt (PT1)

I was so into Avril last year till my wardrobe turn into punk-pink-black outfits. But it's all better nowadays. I'll let this sweet memory go for RM 5.
hear it girl? RM 5!

Juliana Evans' Cap anybody? (PT2)

I saw Juliana Evans wore it once in KAMI the movie.
I bought it at Youth 09 and wear it for an hour while watching Bunkface performing. It was suppose to be a present for my boyfriend but his head is so big that it didn't fit!.
Original price is RM 15.90 and I'll let it go for
RM 10.

Momoe Newsboy Cap (PT3)

“Twilight” star, Ashley Greene along with her co-star boy toy, Kellan Lutz.

Ms Greene looked lovely in a black and white spaghetti strap dress while Mr Lutz took a more casual route sporting jeans, a flannel shirt and newsboy cap.

Miley Cyrus also loves Newsboy cap!

I also have a newsboy cap just for you!

You can pair this newsboy cap with the candy muffler. It looks breathtaking!
I wear tudung now so no-no cap for me. I bought this cap at Momoe Midvalley for RM 39.90. I'll let it go for RM 25.00.
the good news is not over yet,
If you buy the muffler and the cap, I'll just sum up for
RM 20.00

Candy Scarf (PT4)

I love this scarf!. It is so girly-looking. It is so sweet till fashion police will forgive you if you wear with anything that doesn't match the colour. I only wear it once to Cameron Highlands with green cardigan. Clash colour is so in right now!.
I bought it at Mines for Rm 15.90.
I'll let go for
RM 10!

Am I too sweet?

Cool Men's Vest (PT5)

M Size. Fit till L. Especially for muscular body. Yummy! but it is easy to alter if the vest is big for your man. I bought this vest for my brother but he didn't want it. So, I took it back and sell it!.
RM 10 ONLY, GIRLS!. Buy this for your man.
For girls who loves vest, you can also alter and re-design it. It just looks oh-so chic!

Little Miss and Mr. Men t-shirt (PT6) - sold to Aki

s Little Miss Splendid T
I love Little Miss and Mr. Men t-shirt!
I've been a huge fan of the brand since last year and I have about 12 of the brand's t-shirt. But I've made a mistake when buying this T as it is too small for me. I can't help it! the design is so tempting for me to not to buy!
This T will fit size S.
I bought it at RM 35 and I will let it go for only
RM 10!

For girls who want to be splendid,wear this T.

Green Blouse(PT7)

M Size but S will fit as the ribbon-belt work as a curver. Wore it only once. Pair it with anything casual or for office.
This too for RM 10

Too-Beautiful Blouse(PT8)

This blouse is the most beautiful I've ever seen!. I love the lace and ribbons on it. It is so sweet yet provoking the iron-lady inside you. I wear twice when I got promoted.Twice. This is a lucky blouse.
M Size but it will fit L also.
Original price is RM 72.00 but I'll let it go for
RM 40.00

MNG Top (PT9)

This top ROCKS!

It is just beautiful. I love it because it goes excellent with skinny jeans and boots. Just like Sienna miller or kate moss. they always wear loose top with skinnies.
This top fit S-L. and it goes for only RM 50.00

Satin Blouse (PT10)

I love the details on the blouse. The bronze colour suits for everyone.
RM 20 only

Velvet Sweater (PT11)

Off-shoulder sweater. It's neither too loose nor too fit.
RM 10 only!

Seed's Go-to-work-and-relax Sweater (PT12)- Sold to Maziah

The white part can be remove. and the sweater can be wear sole without the white part.
M size. High Quality.
I bought it on the first day it reach Sogo for RM 99.
I'll let it go for RM 30.

Velvet Sweater (PT13)

Suitable on chilly days. Velvet material. M size.
RM 20

Pinafore-Blue Sweater (PT14)

RM 10 Free size.High school blue.

Urban Dress (PT15)

The Elegant one

The Casual one
The best part of the dress is the collar. Just like Cindy Crawfords' dress. The colour is gorgeous.
RM 20.00 only

Vintage Polka-dot Dress(PT17) - Sold to Aufa

This dress is the ultimate vintage. Vintage polka-dot design, Vintage button. Vintage collar. To accentuate my curve I pair it with white belt or sometimes fierce red belt like Anne Hataway.
I'll let this go for RM 20.00

RM 20.00 for just looking as stunning as Anne hathaway?

Seductive Black Dress(PT18)

I call it seductive as it is the dress I bought for candlelight dinner with my boyfriend. It is actually really black despite of the colour of the photo (camera lighting).It accentuate your curve yet hiding any bump you don't want anybody to see. Pair it with leggings or just wear this bare.It comes with removable satin belt.
Original price is RM 120.00
RM 100 (nego)
Yeah, I know Valentine's Day is over but who said you can wear this on candlelight dinner only?