Momoe Newsboy Cap (PT3)

“Twilight” star, Ashley Greene along with her co-star boy toy, Kellan Lutz.

Ms Greene looked lovely in a black and white spaghetti strap dress while Mr Lutz took a more casual route sporting jeans, a flannel shirt and newsboy cap.

Miley Cyrus also loves Newsboy cap!

I also have a newsboy cap just for you!

You can pair this newsboy cap with the candy muffler. It looks breathtaking!
I wear tudung now so no-no cap for me. I bought this cap at Momoe Midvalley for RM 39.90. I'll let it go for RM 25.00.
the good news is not over yet,
If you buy the muffler and the cap, I'll just sum up for
RM 20.00