AZ 04 Purple Flats - sold

RM 40 jer
just wore once for a few step until Azura found out the shoes doesn't fit her.

AZ 03 Ala-Hippies Long Skirt - sold

You can wear it this way

or this way

Got frisky at the bottom : p

This skirt is from Singapore. Azura just wore it once.
RM 30 everybody!

AZ 02 White belt - sold

This is no ordinary belt. Its PVC + Satin-like.
I will wear it with the pink shrug ( AZ 01)
RM 9 jerr

AZ 01 Pink Sheer Shrug

This pink shrug is so cute if you wear it with white singlet,jeans and ballet flats.
Effortlessly stylish
Never worn. Still with tag
RM 30 only!

Polka Dot Flats - Sold to Ana

RM 30 only, sold before it was published!

Azura by Pretty Tasty is a new range inspired by Azura. We got a lots of demands of the range especially even before it was published in the blog.

TQ so much for those who enquired and bought.

But don't worry, we still have lots of stuff by Azura. Enjoy the shopping bebeh!

Dyana for Pretty Tasty

Azura by Pretty Tasty

Coming this Monday 1st 9.00 pm

The Beatles T (PT 36)

Live long The Beatles!

Ah-ha! all you The Beatles Fans! have you got the limited edition The beatles by Lee Cooper?
I have three! and I want to sell one of it.
It's call metal pink colour.
So The Beatles..
M size

RM 50 only!
It's a steal u all

Red Blouse (PT 35)

It's another of my go-to-office-look blouse.
M size.
Just wear it 2 times.

RM 10!

Handmade bag (PT 34)

RM 10 only!

Fancy Mugs (PT33)

I don't know why I bought these mug
maybe it makes me feel festive

two for RM 8!

Dinner bag (PT32)

For bag collectors, this is for you. Steal it fast!

RM 20 Yo!

Polka dot Bra strap (PT31)

The tittle post say it all!
By the way I love polka dot and stripes!
Never use it.
I'll let it go for
RM 3 only

Sea Shell bag (PT 30) - Sold to Kalsom

I bought it while shopping in Bali last year for Rs 175,000 ( around RM 65++)
never use it though.

I let it go for

RM 40!

G2000 Straight Leg (PT 28)

I remember I bought this straight leg when I got my first salary of RM 5****.00
I really want something from G2000.
Still today the trousers look new.
The uniqueness of the trousers is it has different width of stripes.

I have a new G2000 suit though
so, I let it go for only

RM30 for a G2000 anyone

Nicole tops (PT 27)

Don't fool with the width of the top.
It's M size and stretchable.
The stripes gives you the illusion of fuller breast and slim hip.
and it only goes for

RM 20!

You can skip to London Weight Management for a while!

Suede Skirt (PT26)

This knee length skirt goes great with anything! But I love to pair it with white blouse,snickers and pearls.
New school girl uniform is born!

RM 10 only!

Sheer Blouse (PT 25)

This blouse too is my fav

The sheer material of the blouse leave little to imagination
it comes with singlet though..

RM 20!

Loving Heart T-shirt (PT 24)

Free size

For the loving heart people

RM 5 only!

Grab it quick!

Marks & Spencer Shirt (PT 23)

I love loose shirt. It hides my tummy. (hehe)
This 3/4 sleeve shirt is great for lazy days.
100 % cotton
100% relaxation

Don't miss this as I let it go for only

RM 5

SEED Blouse (PT 22)

Size 4 (kind of like S size)

Seriously, It still look new to me everytime I see it.

I only wear it 2 times to go to the office.

Clean and neat cut ( hey, it's SEED after all)

I bought it at RM 49 ++

Let it go for RM 25

Maybe you get a promotion wearing this blouse. wink* winks**

Seriously, buy this blouse. You looks a million dollar executive.

"How" T-shirt (PT21)

L size
But it looks nice when you're S or M size.
(true, bcoz I'm s-m size too)

How? I bought this t-shirt because I was curious with the word HOW written on the girl's top.
I mean what HOW?

I let it go for RM 10 only

*note that all the products sold here will be send to laundry before posting.

Green cardigan (PT 20) - Sold to Ana

Hai everyone, we're back with more pre-loves and vintages!

Any Cardigan-lovers here?

This cardigan fit s-m size.


It's body-hugging yet hide all the bumps.

I love it as it reminds me of "askar"
one of my ambition when I was a little girl.
Even now I don't do "askar" , I still wears it.

It goes for

RM 20 only!